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Turbo in Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair

Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair

The fully adjustable Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair provides a simple solution for pets experiencing mobility challenges. A life-changing tool, enabling pets to exercise, play and regain their independence, Walkin’ Wheels is ideal for both long-term use to keep dogs active or short-term rehabilitative use. Four sizes to fit ANY size pet:

Mini 2-10 lbs. | Small 11-25 lbs. | Medium 26-69 lbs. | Large 70-180 lbs.


Need just wheelchair parts?

stifle brace

Walkin’ Wheels Rear Dog Wheelchairs

  • Great fit with a few simple measurements
  • Accommodate a range of pets: Fully adjustable in height, length & width
  • Wheelchair adapts to a patient’s changing needs, easily converts into a full support wheelchair
  • Incorporate into physical therapy & strength training exercises
elbow brace

Full Support/4-Wheel Wheelchairs

  • Provides support to patients with weak front and back legs
  • Adjustability allows wheelchair to support patient’s changing health need
  • Ideal for patients dealing with progressive conditions
tarsal brace

Front Wheel Attachment for Walkin’ Wheels Rear

  • Easily convert a rear Walkin’ Wheels to a Full Support wheelchair
  • Available for all size Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs
  • Adapt your patient’s wheelchair as mobility needs change
carpal brace

Walkin’ Wheels
Wheelchair Accessories

  • Wheelchair parts for replacement
  • Optional wheelchair accessories to improve the quality of life of pets.
  • Provide additional support in and out of the Walkin’ Wheels
  • Wheelchair ski attachment for winter mobility