Educational Videos

Educational Videos

We have a wide variety of videos on how to assemble and use all types of Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchairs and all Walkin’ Pets products. We also have videos that demonstrate the use of various training tools for rehabilitative purposes.

Back Conditions for Dogs & How to Help – The Walkin’ VertebraVe

All about Hips with Renee Mills

Clinical Uses & Fitting Tips and Trick for the Walkin’ Wheels

Become a Proprioception Pro – Learn all about the No Knuckling Training Socks

Walkin’ Fit Adjustable Splint with Renee Mills

Walkin’ Vertebrave with Renee Mills

The Walkin’ Hip-EEZ – There is Nothing “Hip” About Hip Dysplasia

Everything Walkin’ Wheels with Nancy Bregger

Ilipoas Injuries & Conservative Management of Mild Hip Subluxation

Rehab With Renee

Training on the Small Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair

Training on the Medium & Large Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs

Walkin’ Blind Dog Halo Training