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Walkin' Wheels Professional Kit

Veterinary practices, clinics, hospitals, and pet care facilities may keep dog wheelchairs in a variety of sizes on site for sale or for internal use. This Pro Kit can be customized to fit your practice’s needs.

Standard kit includes:
1 – B2 Mini wheelchair
1 – Small wheelchair
1 – 9” Strut x 8” Wheel Small
1 – 10” Connector for Small Wheelchair
1 – Medium Wheelchair
1 – Large Wheelchair
6 – Assorted Wheel Kits, 1 of each size

Retail Cost: $1592
Vet Cost for June Special: $796 + Shipping

Please contact Debbie in our Vet Outreach office to place an order,
or to ask any questions:

vetoutreach@walkinpets.com     866-578-2926