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The vertebraVe is THE back-support system for pets.  Combining support and comfort in a brace designed specifically for those pets suffering from arthritis or back injuries. The vertebraVe is designed to support the spine and surrounding muscles while still allowing your pet to run, sit and go the bathroom. Using breathable materials and memory foam inlays, this back-support system rivals those used for people.
Conditions which may benefit from the vertebraVe:
• Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD)
• Back Pain
Available in: Black/Neon Green or Black/Pink
Sizes: XS • S • M • L • XL
Retail Starts at: $159.95
25% OFF
Walkin Hip-EEZ Support Systems
Walkin' Hip-EEZ
Support System

A hip support system designed for dogs with hip dysplasia and other conditions effecting the hip joint.

Walkin' Hip-EEZ
Amputee System

The first hip device on the_ market to accommodate rear_ leg amputees needing hip support.

25% OFF
Hip-EEZ Attachements!
Walkin' Hip-EEZTM Bridge
A non-surgical solution for _hip subluxation

Walkin' Hip-EEZTM Donut
The Hip-EEZ Donut is perfect for_preventing and treating the discomfort_ caused by pressure sores and Decubital Ulcers.

Walkin' Hip-EEZTM Cross Assist
The Cross-Assist attachment is the _perfect training tool to keep your_ pet from crossing their hind legs

40% OFF
12 or more, Front or Rear

No-Knuckling Training Socks

The Front No-Knuckling Training Sock is a temporary training tool for short-term, multiple use to help correct gait and improve front paw placement.

The Rear No-Knuckling Training Sock is a temporary training tool for short-term, multiple use to help correct gait and improve rear paw placement.
Life of the Party, Ludo is happy to be rolling along after a life saving surgery!
French Bulldog, Ludo, was always a healthy and very active little dog.  One day, however, in the early hours of the morning, he found his normally agile rear legs crumple beneath himself.  Ludo was diagnosed with a herniated disc that was pinching off his spinal column, causing paralysis in his rear legs.  After a risky surgery, therapy, help from caring people, and lots of love, Ludo is up and moving happily again!
Ludo was the guest of honor on the camper’s recent tour of his Vet hospital. Dr. Meghan McIntosh and Ludo shared his story of hope and happiness, showing the next generation that all animals deserve the chance at a happy life. 

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