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Wheelchair Harnesses

Help your dog get around with ease; our wheelchair harnesses will help you to assist your dog on potty breaks, get them in and out of the wheelchair with ease, and provide additional support and comfort to your pet in their Walkin’ Wheels.

  • Walkin' Warrior front Harness - all colorsWalkin' Warrior front Harness

    Walkin’ Warrior Harness

    Adjustable, safe and fashionable walking harness for your clients. Offers and easy on and off design and can easily adjust to fit your client. Available in three different colors five sizes.
  • combo harness front and rearWalkin’ Lift Combo Harness – Front & Rear

    Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness – Front & Rear

    Provides lifting support for front, back, or both ends of dog! Ideal for dogs with poor mobility or dogs recovering from surgery or injury. This progressive harness is perfect for pets with degenerative conditions and can adapt to accommodate their changing mobility needs. Attaches to the medium and Large Walkin’ Wheels wheelchairs with a few simple clips.
  • Walkin' Lift Rear HarnessWalkin' Lift Rear Harness

    Walkin’ Lift Rear Harness

    Provides rear lifting support. Can be used with Walkin’ Wheels instead of leg rings. Durable fleece-lined canvas and great for in hospital use during treatment walks for pets weak in the hind legs, recovering from orthopedic and or spinal surgery.
  • front harness for dog wheelchairfront harness for dog wheelchair

    Front Harness

    Here you can find replacement front harness to update your dog wheelchair.
  • small front vest - flatsmall front vest

    Walkin’ Small Front Vest

    Compatible with the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair, and ideal for small breed dogs. Comfortable and easy to wear and can be used as a walking harness. The Front Vest will also improve fit with the Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair as the harness attaches to the chair using D-rings and is perfect for harder to fit breeds with a barreled chest, like dachshunds, frenchies or corgis
  • front neoprene harnessfront neoprene harness

    Walkin’ Front Neoprene Harness

    The Walkin’ Front Neoprene Harness provides lifting support for the front end of your dog.