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Orthotics and Prosthetics

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Walkin' Pets Custom Leg Braces & Orthotics

A custom orthotic provides a simple solution to keep a pet's leg safely supported as it heals. A custom orthosis provides life-changing joint support, enabling pets to exercise, play and regain their independence. Hand fabricated by a Certified Prosthetist Orthotist; the custom leg brace is ideal for long-term use to keep dogs active. Perfect for pet's who require joint support post-operatively or as an alternative to surgery for non-surgical candidates. Walkin' Pets offers four different orthoses customized to fit your patient's unique shape, diagnosis, and treatment plan:


stifle brace

Walkin’ Stifle Brace

  • Custom-fabricated by a CPO to perfectly fit the contour of a patient’s hind limb and provide support to the knee joint.
  • Stabilize the femur & tibia to prevent anterior translation and minimize the stress on the CCL.
  • Non-invasive approach to help a pet heal after a CCL or ACL tear.
  • Stabilize the stifle joint to reduce knee pain & joint inflammation and reduce pressure on the contralateral limb.
elbow brace

Walkin’ Elbow Brace

  • Bracing the elbow provides improved joint function.
  • Stabilize the upper front leg to reduce elbow pain and joint inflammation.
  • Each elbow orthotic is custom made by a CPO to create a unique brace to fit your patient’s specific needs.
  • Elbow orthosis is jointed to bend front limb and maintain natural gait.
tarsal brace

Walkin’ Tarsal Brace

  • Braces can be designed to limit joint flexion, while allowing for natural range of motion.
  • Maintain proper alignment in the tarsal joint and ankle to support hind limb and provide patient improved range of motion.
  • Stabilize the tarsal joint to reduce hock pain and joint inflammation.
  • Range of motion joints can be added based on patient need.
carpal brace

Walkin’ Carpal Brace

  • Stabilize a patient’s front limb, wrist and carpal joint. Can be used to prevent hyperextension of the carpal joint.
  • Control range of motion and ease patient pain, while allowing for natural gait.
  • Range of motion joints can be added based on patient need.
  • Easily address carpal related injuries to decrease joint pain and stabilize front limb.
casting kit

Casting Kit

  • The Walkin’ Pets Casting Kit allows you to make a perfect impression of your pet’s front or rear leg which is needed to fabricate a custom leg brace.
  • Each casting kit includes all the materials you need to make a cast of your pet’s limb.