Walkin’ Belly Support


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The Walkin’ Belly Support provides additional back support to a pet’s while using their Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. The neoprene belly support attaches around the wheelchair frame to provide support directly under the abdomen to lift and support the middle of the pet’s body, helping to relieve back pain and eliminate stress on the spine.


  • Made of lightweight, strong neoprene
  • Secures to wheelchair with touch fasteners
  • Easy to Clean – Machine washable and hang dry
  • Compatible with every size Walkin’ Wheels

Clinical Advantages:

  • Provides mid-body in wheelchair to relieve undue stress on his/her back
  • Especially helpful for dogs with long backs, such as Corgis or Dachshunds
  • Provides more support if pet is overweight, has downward sway in back, or has spinal issues

The Walkin’ Belly Support benefits patients with the following conditions:

  • Additional support for obese and overweight pets
  • Pet’s with a downward or sway back
  • IVDD and other spinal conditions
  • Provide much needed support for long-torsoed breeds such as Dachshunds, Corgis or Bassets
  • Post-Operative support

Walkin' Belly Support Measurements

Size Compatible with
XSmall Mini Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair
Small Small Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair
Medium Medium & MedLarge Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchairs
Large Large Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair

1. Lay the Belly Support (touch-fastener side facing down) across the top of the two Walkin’ Wheels extenders.

Walkin' Belly Support Step 1

2. Fold the ends of each side over the top of the extenders and touch-fastener closures underneath the belly.

Walkin' Belly Support Step 2
Walkin' Belly Support Step 2

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