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Walkin’ Blind Dog Halo


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Product Details

The Walkin’ Blind Dog Halo helps pets with vision loss to navigate their house with confidence! The halo will gently bump into furniture & walls before the pet does to keep the pet safe while giving them the confidence to stay active.


  • Halo is lightweight and flexible
  • Builds dog’s confidence
  • Allows pets with poor eyesight to move freely without injury
  • Gets blind pets back to enjoying life

Perfect for pets with vision loss caused by:

  • Cataracts
  • Trauma
  • Glaucoma
  • Diabetes
  • Retinal Disease

Professional Use

Rehabilitation exercises may be performed with blind patients to focus on the following while wearing the Halo:

  • Confidence building exercises
  • Mental activities, such as nose work, problem-solving, exploration, or trick training
  • Practice of valuable commands


The Walkin’ Blind Dog Halo comes attached to either the Walkin’ Lift Combo Harness-Front or the Walkin’ Small Front Vest, depending on your patient’s size and weight. See the chart below to determine the correct size for your client:

Blind Dog Halo with vest for dogs under 30 lbs.

SizeGirth of NeckGirth of Chest
3XSmall9.5″14″ – 16.5″
2XSmall11″16″ – 18.5″
XSmall12″18″ – 20.5″
Small14″20″ – 22.5″
Medium14″22″ – 24.5″

Blind Dog Halo with harness for dogs over 30 lbs.

Medium/Large30 – 49 lbs
Large50 – 69 lbs
XLarge70 – 99 lbs
2XLarge100+ lbs

Blind Dog Halo with vest

Walkin' Blind Dog Halo

To determine Girth of Chest

Walkin' Small Front Vest

Blind Dog Halo with harness

Walkin' Combo Harness-Front


For Small Breeds under 30 lbs

  1. Unbend the halo to form a horseshoe shape. Halo should still have a 90° bend.
  2. Adjust the harness/vest to fit snugly on the dog.
  3. Take the halo side that is not attached and slide the clip into the harness/vest.
  4. Put the screws back in on each side of the harness/vest clip.
  5. Halo should encircle the dog’s head at forehead level and extend beyond the tip of the dog’s nose. Adjust halo so that it is parallel to the ground when on the dog.

For Small Breeds under 30 lbs

  1. Unbend the halo to form a horseshoe shape.
  2. Locate three side pockets; these pockets help stabilize the halo, securely supported and in place.
  3. Insert halo wire end through Pocket 1
  4. Continue to slide Halo wire through Pocket 2
  5. Remove webbing from the elastic keep and slide Halo wire through Pocket 3. We need to secure and lock the halo in position with the black Halo Clip.
  6. Take a plastic Halo Clip (side labeled Front should face outward and point towards dog’s head) and position it over the halo wire end. Then snap the clip into place to secure the halo. You will hear a click when the halo clip is snapped together correctly.
  7. Next, repeat steps 2-6 on the other side.
  8. Adjust the harness to fit snugly on the dog. The halo should run parallel to the ground when on the dog. A 90-degree bend may be added to the halo if needed.

How to Adjust the Halo Different anatomies of dogs make it possible that your halo may extend too far. If this is the case for your dog, bend the halo as in this photo to bring it closer to your dog’s nose and head.

Walkin' Blind Dog Halo


How do you introduce the Halo to a pet?
For best results, introduce the halo slowly to avoid startling the pet. Introduce harness alone before attaching halo. Encourage your clients to be patient and make wearing the halo a positive experience by using lots of praise and treats.

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