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Walkin’ Boots

Offer pet’s the paw protection they need. Featuring a rubber, waterproof sole, the Walkin’ Boots are ideal for all seasons. Perfect for pets dealing with limb weakness that require additional traction inside their home.

(Sold as a set of 2)


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Product Details

The Walkin’ Boots provides year-round protection against extreme temperatures and rough surfaces. Walkin’ Boots are designed to offer heavy-duty protection from weather and rough surfaces. Designed to protect paws, boots can also be worn to protect feet while providing traction on slippery surfaces. The boots are durable, breathable, and very easy to use. Boots are sold as a set of two.


  • Non-skid rubber sole provides traction and prevents slipping indoors.
  • Rugged, ideal for pets who drag their paws while walking.
  • Protect paws from snow in the winter and hot pavement in the summer
  • Sold as a set of two

Clinical Advantages:

  • Use for IV catheter protection for hospitalized patients as a barrier against chewing
  • Provides additional traction for patients suffering from weakness
  • Give senior pets added traction to help them stand.


How to Measure for Dog Boots

Pet foot measuring guide

To measure the width of your patient’s foot, place the dog’s foot on a piece of paper and press down on top of the paw, mimicking how the foot spreads when the dog is walking.

Mark the left and right sides of the foot on the paper and measure the distance between the marks. Compare this to boot sizes; for the best fit, the paw width should be the same or smaller than the boot size.

XXSmall1.25″ – 1.5″
XSmall1.45″ – 1.75″
Small1.65″ – 1.85″
Medium1.85″ – 2.25″
Medium Large2.15″ – 2.45″
Large2.45″ – 2.65″
XLarge2.60″ – 2.85″

Watch How to Measure for the Walkin’ Boots for Pets


How to use the Walkin’ Pet Boots

Walkin Boots Instructions


My patient’s front and back feet are different sizes. How do I choose?

It’s very common for dogs to have wider front paws than rear paws, which is why we sell the Walkin’ Boots are sold in sets of two—allowing you to choose the two sizes of boots the dog needs. 

My dog is between sizes. Is it better for boots to be too snug or too loose?

You want your dog’s shoes to fit snugly. A dog boot that is too big may fall off. If your dog’s measurements fall on the edge of two sizes, choose the smaller size.

How many dog boots come in each package?

Walkin’ Boots are sold in sets of two. This allows dogs with different size front and rear paws to purchase different sized boots if necessary.

Are the Walkin’ Boots waterproof?

These dog boots are designed to be worn in all weather conditions and seasons. The rubber sole is waterproof to keep your pet’s dry, but the upper part of the booth is a breathable mesh. These durable dog shoes protect pets from the winter ice and snow as well as hot temperatures and pavement in the summer.

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