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Walkin’ Hip-EEZ Donut Attachment



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Walkin’ Hip-EEZ Donut Attachment


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Product Details

The Walkin’ Hip-EEZ Donut Attachment is designed to be combined with the Hip-EEZ Support System for Decubital Ulcer prevention and treatment. Place donut directly over the hip to cushion joint, alleviate pressure and distribute weight away from the joint and surrounding areas when dog is laying down.

Clinical Advantages

  • Safely treat pressure sores on non-ambulatory pets
  • Protect Femoral Head and prevent development of pressure sores
  • Helps pets that may be down on one side for extended periods of time
  • Constructed of medical grade memory foam
  • Designed in the USA by Renee Mills, VT, CCRP (patent pending).

When using in an area containing open wounds, we recommend a sterile barrier like an Idoban drape be used between the skin and donut to keep area sterile and wound protected.

Professional Use

The Hip-EEZ Donut is specially designed to aid in the treatment and/or prevention of pressure sores. Over the years I know we’ve all struggled with finding a donut solution that will stay in place to help these patients. From firsthand experience, I know how devastating pressure sores can be to an elderly pet. So, I designed the Hip Donut to stay in place and be easy to use. I do recommend using an Idoban drape with patients that have open wounds. This will help keep the area sterile and prevent the medical grade foam from rubbing on new developing skin.

As with any new product, continuing to collect data and feedback from professionals is key. Working together as a Veterinary community to create, provide and improve products which aide in healing our patients. I can only hope these products are able to help your patients as well. Please reach out to us and share your thoughts and help us continue to collect more case studies on using the Hip-EEZ Donut with the Hip-EEZ systems. We want your help in making sure our products meet the needs and approval of our fellow pet lovers.

– Renee Mills, CCRP, Inventor of the Hip-EEZ system, vertebraVe and No-Knuckling Training Socks


Please reference our sizing guide below to select the size for your patient, Hip-EEZ Donut sizes correlate directly with the Hip-EEZ system you ordered. If you’re having trouble determining the right size for your patient, contact our Veterinary Resources Team at 1-866-578-2926 for additional guidance.

For example, if your pet wears a size Medium Hip-EEZ Full Support system, then you will need a size Medium Hip Donut.

Walkin’ Hip-EEZ® SizeHip-EEZ® Donut Size Needed


  1. Make sure your Hip-EEZ Full Support or Amputee system is adjusted correctly and placed on the pet.
  2. Gently undo touch fastener at top of leg panel on the side you’re planning on using the Hip-EEZ Donut. With the Velcro facing out, line up the Hip-EEZ Donut directly over the bony part of the hip. Making sure it’s in the center of Hip-EEZ Donut. Hold donut in place with one hand while pulling the leg panel taught and reattaching to rest of Hip-EEZ support system. Then remove hand from donut and gently press on outside of leg panel all around donut to finish securing.
  3. At this point your Hip-EEZ Donut should be in place over the joint and your leg panels secured. If you need to reposition the donut, take your time and get it set correctly. We recommend you check it often if your pet moves around a lot while laying down on that side. The goal is to have the pet lay on the donut which will alleviate pressure directly to the joint.

Removing the Hip-EEZ Donut
When you remove the Hip-EEZ System from the patient, the Donut will stay adhered to panel positioned in the correct place for next usage.
To remove the Donut completely, simply detach the Hip-EEZ Donut from leg panel once whole system is removed from pet.

Care Instructions
Spot clean Hip-EEZ Donut with damp cloth or sponge. Lay flat to let air dry. Machine washing not recommended and may affect the stability of product. To remove hair from foam and touch fastener, we recommend using a lint roller.


How does the Hip-EEZ Donut work?
The Hip-EEZ Donut provides cushion and alleviates direct pressure over the femoral head allowing the pet’s weight to be distributed away from the joint. Ideal for non-ambulatory pets who lay down for extended periods.

How long can a pet where it?
Pets can wear the Hip-EEZ Donut while walking, running, sitting and laying down. However, it is mainly designed to be used while a pet is laying down. This means the Hip-EEZ Full Support or amputee system can be worn overnight when using the Hip-EEZ Donut. Then removed for a couple hours allowing the skin to breathe before replacing on pet.

How do I care for it?
Spot clean Hip-EEZ Donut with damp cloth or sponge. Lay flat to let air dry. Machine washing not recommended and may affect the stability of product. To remove hair from foam and touch fastener, we recommend using a lint roller.

Can pets go to the bathroom with the Hip-EEZ Donut on?
Yes, pets can relieve themselves with the Hip-EEZ Donut on, there should be no interference with getting business done.

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