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Walkin’ Hip-EEZ with Cross-Assist



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Walkin’ Hip-EEZ with Cross-Assist

Training tool for patients who are crossing their hind legs.


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Product Details

The Walkin’ Hip-EEZ® with Cross-Assist training tool helps prevent hind leg crossing. The Cross-Assist sits high up between a patient’s rear legs, attaching securely to the outside of the Hip-EEZ® panels to provide a barrier between the upper thighs. The Cross-Assist enhances rehab exercises and helps patients regain their strength while teaching them how to keep their back legs from crossing as they walk or stand. Designed in the USA by Renee Mills, VT, CCRP (US Patent No. 10881082. Issue Date: 01/05/2021).

Ideal for patients suffering from the following conditions: Hind Leg Weakness, Neurological Disease, Stroke, Spinal Compression, or during surgical recovery.

  • Prevent hind leg crossing in patients with weak rear legs
  • Enhance your pet’s rehab exercise and retrain them to not cross their legs
  • Easily pattern legs while keeping them apart at the same time
  • Stays in Place: Cross-Assist attaches to the outside of Hip-EEZ® Support System to stay securely in place


Measure from 1 inch above the right stifle to the middle of the top of the back above the pelvis. It’s best to measure the patient in a normal standing position and to use a soft measuring tape.

Once you’ve measured, reference our chart below. Find the measurement and weight range that best matches your patient. If they are between sizes, it’s better to choose using the weight range as opposed to the leg measurement. Remember, your patient’s measurement may not be an exact match to the chart. If you’re having trouble deciding on a size, please contact our Veterinary Support and Outreach team for assistance.

Walkin' Hip-EEZ Support System
Hip-EEZ® SizeRight Leg MeasurementWeightCross-Assist Size
Small8″15 – 24 lbs.Small
Medium11″25 – 34 lbs.Medium
Medium/Large14″35 – 49 lbs.Medium
Large17″50 – 85 lbs.Large/XLarge
XLarge19″ or greater80 lbs. or greaterLarge/XLarge

Barrel chested breeds, such as Boxer or Staffordshire Terrier may need to have a customized system to best accommodate their shape. Please contact us at 866-578-2926 if you need help to determine the right size.

Watch How to Measure Your Pet for the Walkin’ Hip-EEZ!

Product Instructions

  1. Make sure the Hip-EEZ® Full Support system is adjusted to best fit your patient.
  2. Before you attach the Cross-Assist, measure the width between your patient’s inner thighs. Subtract ½” from this measurement – this is the correct length that the foam cylinder insert should be cut to.
  3. Remove foam insert from pouch and cut to desired length.
  4. Open the buttons of the pouch and place the foam insert in the middle of the pouch. Secure center button on pouch.
  5. Hold both ends of the pouch over circular ends and compress the fabric on each end towards the cylinder. This should fold the excess fabric inwards like an accordion on both ends.
  6. Button the stretchy straps on either end to secure the excess fabric in place.
  7. Test the fit of the Cross-Assist – it should comfortably sit high up between your patient’s thighs with ¼” – ½” of space between your patient’s legs and the Cross-Assist.
  8. Attach Cross-Assist (buttons facing down) using one hand to keep Cross-Assist in place while securing touch fasteners to the outer leg panel with the other. It’s best to wrap leg straps around the outside of the leg in an upward V motion to secure properly.

Professional Use

The Walkin’ Hip-EEZ® Cross-Assist attachment is specially designed as a training tool for those patients who are crossing their hind legs. Of course, hind end weakness and hind leg crossing are two peas in a pod, so the Cross-Assist is light weight. Think of it as the opposite of hobbles. You can use it during land treadmill work, walks, balance and strengthening exercises. You can even use it in the underwater treadmill. Just give it plenty of time to dry out.

Over the years I’ve personally struggled when trying to pattern a large dog’s hind legs, while keeping them apart at the same time. I tried all kinds of methods from rolled towels to therapy stands with pet’s legs gently secured apart. Nothing stayed in place. So, I designed the Hip-EEZ® Cross-Assist for professionals and easy enough for pet owners to use on walks at home.

As with any new product, continuing to collect data and feedback from professionals is key. Working together as a Veterinary community to create, provide and improve products which aid in healing our patients is important. I can only hope these products are able to help your patients as well. Please reach out to us and share your thoughts and help us continue to collect more case studies on using the Hip-EEZ® Cross-Assist attachment with the Hip-EEZ® Full Support system. We want your help in making sure our products meet the needs and approval of our fellow pet lovers.

– Renee Mills, CCRP, Inventor of the Hip-EEZ®, vertebraVe and No-Knuckling Training Socks


How does the Cross-Assist work?
The Hip-EEZ® Cross-Assist provides a barrier between your patient’s inner thighs that sets the tone for the rest of the legs. This encourages your patient not to cross their hind legs.

How long can my patient wear the Cross-Assist?
The Cross-Assist should be worn for short sessions of either walking or completing rehab exercises. It should be removed after the session is completed and should not be worn all day long.

The Cross-Assist seems too wide for my patient’s thigh distance. Do I need a smaller size?
We recommend choosing the Cross-Assist size that matches the Base System size that your patient is using. If the Cross-Assist is too large, you can remove the inside foam and cutdown to the size you need to fit your client.

How do you care for the Cross-Assist?
Remove foam cylinder for cleaning. The foam cylinder is spot clean only with a damp cloth using mild detergent. Rinse well and lay flat to air dry. Button and secure all Velcro straps to themselves before washing. Machine wash outer material on a delicate cycle without the foam. Low or no heat to dry. To remove hair from foam and Velcro, we recommend using a lint roller.

Can my patient go to the bathroom with the Cross-Assist on?
The Cross-Assist does sit up high between your patient’s thighs. Physically they should be able to urinate and defecate while wearing the Cross-Assist attachment. However, it may feel awkward for your patient, so we advise taking a potty walk BEFORE using the Cross-Assist just to avoid any potential issues.

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