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Product Details

The Walkin’ Scooter allows paralyzed pets to easily maneuver indoors while protecting their limbs & chest from sores caused by scraping. Keeping pets comfortable and active all day long! Improve a pet’s indoor mobility, the scooter glides smoothly across the floor and is gentle on your walls, baseboards and flooring.


  • Easily maneuvers around indoor obstacles and through doorways
  • Comfortable to use for extended periods of time
  • Allows paralyzed pets to lie down and rest when needed
  • Easy to Clean

Clinical Advantages:

  • Ideal for paralyzed patients for indoor use when not using their Walkin’ Wheels
  • Allows patients to lay down and rest when needed


Ideal for following conditions:

  • Patients with complete rear paralysis
  • The Scooter is designed specifically to help protect pets who either drag or scoot themselves across the floor. If your pet lifts up their hind end completely off of the ground when moving throughout your home, as when they lift their rear ends they would also be lifting the Scooter base with them.


Scooter Size Example 2
Scooter Size Example

The weight of the dog on the sizing guide is for reference only. Every dog is shaped differently, and we recommend using the length measurement as your primary measurement.

When measuring start at the base of the rib cage. Every dog positions their legs differently, and this can change the size scooter your patient needs. If the pet’s legs extend behind them as they drag, measure to the tips of their toes, if the dog sits on their legs as they scoot, measure to the end of the rump.

Walkin’ Scooter SizeLengthWeight RangeScooter Base Width
XSmall11″9 – 12 lbs15″
Small13″10 – 19 lbs15″
Medium15.5″15 – 25 lbs15″
Medium/Large15.5″20 – 30 lbs20″
Large19″31 – 45 lbs20″
XLarge22″45 – 65 lbs20″

If your pet falls between sizes, please call us at 866-578-2926 and our Customer Service team will be happy to help you determine the correct size.


Can a pet lie down in the Scooter?
Yes, they can lie down while using they Scooter. Because their back end is slightly raised some pets may not find this comfortable and may prefer to sit on the scooter. For most dogs laying down is not an issue.

How long can a pet stay in the Scooter?
The Scooter is comfortably padded, and the Scooter bag has the screened panel for air, so there is no problem leaving the dog in the scooter for longer periods of time. If the dog is incontinent then hygiene needs to be maintained, even if the dog is wearing a diaper.

Can the Scooter be used outside?
We recommend the Scooter for indoor use and to help your pet easily maneuver indoor obstacles. The Scooter is designed to be gentle on your walls, baseboards and flooring. The Scooter’s special roller ball casters will move easily across hardwood flooring, tile, linoleum and Berber carpeting. With its low profile the Scooter may catch on roots, stones and other outdoor obstacles. Recommend to pet parents that for their pet’s safety the Scooter should be used inside. For outdoor use we recommend the Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair.

Is it ok to leave a pet unattended in the Scooter?
Most pets are very comfortable in the Scooter and can wear it for extended periods of time without issue. However, there is always the possibility that the scooter can get stuck on or under a piece of furniture, doorway, or similar obstruction so we do not recommend leaving the dog unattended for long periods of time. You will get to know the pet’s limitations and comfort level with the scooter and be able to judge this based on the individual circumstances.

How do I care for it?
The Scooter base and Scooter pad can be cleaned with a cloth or sponge. The Scooter bag can be detached from the base for easy cleaning, it should be cleaned by hand and air dried.

If a pet is incontinent can they wear a diaper while using the Scooter?
Yes, the Scooter is perfect for incontinent pets and can be worn with a diaper or male wrap. The water-resistant material of the Scooter bag can easily be wiped clean and air dried.

Does my pet need the Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair, or the Walkin’ Scooter?
Deciding what the right product for your paralyzed pet is can be tricky. If your dog is paralyzed in the rear both the Walkin’ Wheels Wheelchair and the Walkin’ Scooter are great options. While the Wheelchair is perfect for use outside, to assist with going on walks and exploration. The Walkin’ Scooter is perfect in assisting your pet in moving throughout the house with ease.

What is the difference between the Medium and Medium/Large Scooter?
The Scooter base comes in two different sizes. The Base that comes with the XSmall, Small, and Medium Scooter bags is considered to be our Medium base. While the base that comes with the Medium/Large, Large and XLarge Scooter Bags is the Large.

What are the Scooter Base dimensions?
The Medium base has dimensions of 10″ in Length (starting in the center or the front curve) and 15″ in width and 3.5″ in height. The Large base has dimensions of 15″ in Length (starting in the center or the front curve) and 20″ in width and 3.5″ in height. Medium Base: 10″ x 15″ x 3.5″/Large Base: 15″ x 20″ x 3.5′

What is the Scooter constructed of?
Walkin’ Scooter Bag is made of durable nylon and features chest and neck panels lined with soft, comfy fleece. It also has a breathable mesh panel for ventilation. Walkin’ Scooter base is padded with closed cell memory foam for comfort and durability. Walkin’ Scooter Bag is made of durable nylon. Rollerball casters allow for easy movement in any direction!

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