Walkin’ Ski Attachment for Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair


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The Walkin’ Ski Attachment is designed to perfectly fit a pet’s Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair. Lightweight skis interchange easily with the standard wheels and struts on the Walkin’ Wheels to provide easy gliding in snow. Perfect to keep handicapped pets active all winter long.


  • Available to fit every size Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair
  • Push button adjustability
  • Pair of skis with lightweight, flexible design
  • Moves easily through snow

Choose your Walkin’ Ski Attachment size below according to your dog’s Walkin’ Wheels strut and wheel size.

Not sure what size skis your pet needs? Our Wheelchair Experts are happy to help! Call us at 866-578-2926

How to Measure Rear Leg Height (Mini Only)

Rear Leg Height
The Walkin’ Wheels Mini Rear wheelchair is measured using your dog’s Rear Leg Height. Measure the Rear Leg Height to the toe pad, ideally when your pet is laying down. Do not pull the leg tight; leave some natural bend.

How to Measure Struts

The strut of the Walkin’ Wheels Rear wheelchair is attached to the wheel. Take a tape measure and measure the Walkin’ Wheels strut from end to end.

How to Measure Wheels

Measure the diameter of the Walkin’ Wheels rear wheel.


Mini Wheelchair
Rear Leg Height *
Mini 2-5″
Mini 6-8″
Mini 9-12″

*The Mini Wheelchair is measured using Rear Leg Height.
If you don’t remember which size wheelchair you bought,
Contact our Veterinary Outreach Dept.

Small Wheelchair
Strut x Wheel
Medium & Large
Strut x Wheel

To use the Walkin’ Ski Attachment, simply use the push buttons to remove the existing wheels and struts from the wheelchair frame, and snap in the skis and struts in their place.

Detach Strut and wheel

Remove strut and wheel from your Walkin’ Wheels rear wheelchair.

Detach Strut and wheel

Replace each strut and wheel with Walkin’ Ski Attachment.

Do the skis replace the existing wheelchair wheels?
Yes, when pet is ready to use their skis, simply remove the struts and wheels in the wheelchair frame and snap in the skis! Now the pet is ready to enjoy the snow!

Do the skis work in sand?
Yes, although the skis were designed to glide through snow, we have had customers use them in the sand as well.

Will the ski attachment fit any size Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair?
Yes, the ski attachment is designed to fit our Mini, Small, Medium and Large sized rear Walkin’ Wheels. As well as specialty breed carts such as our Corgi, Dachshund, and Cat wheelchairs.

Can pet’s use the skis indoors?
The skis were not intended to be used inside. To improve a pet’s indoor mobility, we recommend our Walkin’ Scooter. The scooter is designed to be gentle on flooring, baseboards and walls, helping pets to scoot around the inside easily!