Walkin’ Splints Custom-fit Foam
Walkin’ Splints Custom-fit Foam



Walkin’ Splints Custom-fit Foam


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Product Details

The Walkin’ Splints Custom-Fit Foam helps you to give your patients the custom fit they deserve. Each adhesive-foam kit comes with pattern templates for common shapes needed to help get the perfect fitting splint, eliminate rub points, and provide additional support exactly where your patient needs it.


  • 9” x 12” adhesive-backed, closed-cell foam
  • ¼” thick Foam Sheet
  • Includes templates to fit every style, and size Walkin’ Splint
  • Instructions included with every kit

Clinical Advantages:

  • Eliminate rub points
  • Customize fit of splint to suit patient’s needs
  • Foam can be stacked to build up support if needed
  • Provide additional comfort
  • Accommodate unique paw/leg shape or deformity

Professional Use

How to Utilize the Custom-Fit Foam in Your Practice


Every pet is different, and their needs will vary. The Walkin’ Splint Custom-fit Foam template is a guideline for the most common shapes needed to. Each template can be cut, trimmed, or altered for your patient’s comfort – every pet is different!

  1. Choose a pattern template that matches the type of splint you’re using (front, rear, hock, carpal, bootie).
  2. Cut template from pattern sheet, choosing the size that matches your splint size.
  3. Trace or tape cut shape to paper-backed side of foam sheet.
  4. Carefully cut shape.
  5. Before removing backing, check fit, and trim if necessary.
  6. Once completely satisfied with fit of splint on pet’s leg, peel backing and adhere to splint.

Please note: If additional support is needed, foam can be stacked.


Can foam be stacked to offer additional support?
Yes, the foam can be stacked on top of itself to increase support and customize the splint’s fit. Foam can also be stacked to accommodate a patient’s malformation or deformity.

Can the foam be used to eliminate points of skin irritation or rubbing?
Yes, use foam to cushion and prevent any discomfort caused by rubbing or to protect sensitive skin.

Is the adhesive-foam open or closed cell?
Each Walkin’ Splint Custom-Fit Foam sheet is 9”x12”, ¼” thick closed-cell foam. Closed-cell foam will prevent moisture build-up and keep bacteria from forming.

Can foam be removed once adhered to splint?
Adhesive backing on foam is very strong. Removing foam may cause damage to splint’s original foam lining. We recommend checking fit of splint with foam, before removing backing and attaching to inside of splint.

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