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Product Details

The custom Tarsal Brace stabilizes a pet’s lower back leg at the heel and ankle. Each hock brace is custom fabricated to fit the natural contour of your patient’s hind limb to support the tarsal joint, its surrounding structures, the ankle, and the back paw. An orthotic tarsal brace limits hock joint flexion controls the range of motion and provides the patient with pain relief.


  • Custom-fabricated by a Certified Prosthetist Orthotist
  • Perfectly fit the natural contour of the patient’s lower hind limb
  • Ideal for tarsal joint stabilization after injury or post-operative recovery
  • Constructed of medical-grade materials for a long-term wear

Clinical Advantages:

  • Offer patients a non-invasive approach to healing after injury
  • Minimize joint stress and reduce pressure on the contralateral limb
  • Reduce pain and joint inflammation while stabilizing the lower back leg
  • Range of motion joints can be added based on the patient’s need


The Walkin’ Pets Tarsal Brace benefits pets with the following conditions:

  • Aid in post-operative healing and allow for weight-bearing sooner
  • Arthritis and polyarthritis
  • Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)
  • Chronic osteoarthritis of the tarsal or metatarsal ligaments and joints
  • Achilles ruptures
  • Hock hyperextension
  • Tarsal or metatarsal joint instabilities or malformations
  • Instability in the frontal or sagittal plane
  • Medial and lateral instability
  • Post-surgical protection and support during recover
  • Post-operative immobilization of tarsal arthrodesis or fracture repair
  • Assist, prevent, or correct movement
  • Stabilize the lower hind for pets when surgery is not recommended
  • Allows pet to return to near-normal joint function
  • Reduce pressure on the opposite limb (contralateral limb) & prevent further injury

How to Cast for a Custom Orthosis

Please read the Casting Kit Instructions PDF for detailed instructions on how to cast your patient.

How to Measure

Measuring Rear Leg

Our certified orthotist will require you to take three limb measurements along with the impression of the patient’s back leg.

Length Measurement 1: Inside of groin to the inside of knee center
Length Measurement 2: Inside of knee center to inside of hock center
Circumference of the patient’s hind leg at the widest point.

If your client has specific medical requirements that need to be considered during orthosis fabrication, please call us at (866) 578-2926.


How does the custom hock brace help my patient?
Dogs’ orthotic leg braces stabilize a pet’s tarsal joint and support the lower hind limb. A canine orthosis allows pets to return to near-normal function and bear weight on the injured leg sooner. A canine knee brace protects an injured limb and prevents further injury.
An orthosis or dog leg brace is ideal for:

  • An alternative to surgery.
  • Pets who are not surgical candidates, whether due to age or cannot go under anesthesia
  • Pets that suffer from a chronic injury that requires a brace to prevent further harm to the affected tarsus.
  • Reduce pressure on the opposite or contralateral limb.
  • Aid in post-operative healing and rehabilitation.
  • Help pets stay active longer and, therefore, healthier.

What is included with the purchase of a custom tarsal orthosis?
Each canine orthosis comes with everything your client needs to support their limb, including:

  • A custom fabricated hock brace
  • Casting kit*
  • Fitting assistance and guidance from the orthotics expert

*The casting kit may also be purchased separately. If you have already purchased the Walkin’ Pets Casting Kit, the cost of the casting kit will be deducted from the final purchase price after checkout.

How long is the fabrication process?
Each orthosis is fabricated by hand and custom-built to fit your best friend. Once the mold has arrived, fabrication will start immediately and take 7-10 business days to build. Casting kits will be shipped to the specified address within 24 hours of receiving the completed order form.
Ship completed casts to:

Walkin’ Pets Ortho
6501 East Greenway Parkway,
Scottsdale, AZ 85254

How long does it take for a pet to adjust to wearing a custom leg brace?
Expect an adjustment period as a pet is getting used to wearing a brace. Patients will need to break in the brace slowly for over a week or so. Every pet is different, and your pet may require more time.
To help your pet adjust to their new orthosis, we recommend the following schedule:
Day 1: Brace should be worn for one to two hours.
Day 2: The brace can be worn for two to four hours.
Day 3: Extend the length of time the brace is worn to four to five hours.
Day 4: Extend the wear time between five to six hours.
Day 5: Your pet should be able to wear its leg brace all day.

How often can my dog wear their tarsal brace?
Walkin’ Pets Braces are custom-made to fit a dog comfortably and can be worn all day. A dog leg brace is intended to be worn for extended periods, and most dogs will put their brace on in the morning and take it off right before they go to bed. A custom leg brace is usually recommended for injured pets who need their leg braced for several months or more as they heal or for pets who require long-term leg support.

Can my patient sleep in their orthosis?
The orthosis is designed to support a dog’s leg or joint as they move throughout the day to prevent further injury as the leg heals. Pets do not need to wear the brace when resting, and the orthosis should be removed at nighttime.

What happens if the brace is not adjusted or fitted correctly?
Every Walkin’ Pets Brace is hand fabricated by a certified orthotist who builds the brace to fit the mold and measurements provided to us perfectly. Each custom tarsal brace is crafted to fit each pet. Once you have received your orthosis, our CPO is happy to schedule a video call to review the fit and protocol to help your pet adjust to its new brace.
Advise your clients to report any signs of hair loss, skin irritation, redness, swelling, or sores should be reported to you and the orthotist immediately; additional brace adjustments may need to be made.

Is the orthosis waterproof?
Yes, the dog leg braces are waterproof and can safely get wet. All foam liners are made from non-porous, closed-cell foam that does NOT trap moisture. Pets are not recommended to leave the device on after getting it wet, as this can lead to skin irritation.
These devices can be used in underwater treadmills, etc., but should be taken off immediately following treatments to be dried off. We recommend all clients follow guidelines provided to them by their veterinarian or therapist as to use during treatments, etc.

How can I clean the brace?
We recommend cleaning once a week with a 50-50 solution of water and alcohol once a week. Towel dry or allow to dry at room temperature. In between cleanings, you may add baby powder to the inside of the brace to reduce abrasion. We recommend using a lint roller to remove excess hair from touch fasteners.

How do you measure for a custom leg brace?

Measuring Rear Leg

Our certified orthotist will require you to take three hind limb measurements along with the impression of the patient’s back leg.

Length Measurement 1: Inside of groin to the inside of knee center
Length Measurement 2: Inside of knee center to inside of hock center
Circumference of the patient’s hind leg at the widest point.

If your client has specific medical requirements that need to be considered during orthosis fabrication, please call us at (866) 578-2926.

How are Walkin’ Pets Braces manufactured?
Once our certified Orthotist receives the cast of the pet’s limb and the brace has been paid in full, he will review the impression and the measurements submitted. Before fabricating, he will begin to assess your patient’s medical needs and contact you directly with any questions regarding your client’s diagnosis.
During the fabrication process, the Orthotist will modify the plaster mold using hand tools and craft the design of the limb for a proper fit. This is done by adding and subtracting plaster material in the correct areas to achieve an ideal fit and form for your dog’s brace. The Orthotist will relieve boney areas and compress soft-tissue areas to obtain a total control brace. Then co-poly plastic is heated to 160 degrees, and the plastic is vacuum formed over the plaster model. After the plaster is cooled, it is cut off the model using a cast saw. The brace is then trimmed, smoothed, and straps are added for proper suspension.
Once the brace is completed, it will be shipped to you to fit on your patient. Our orthotics specialist is happy to walk you through the process over the phone or through Facetime.
To schedule a fitting appointment or speak with one of our orthotics specialists, please call us at (866) 578-2926.

Are there any weight restrictions on a tarsal brace?
There is no weight limit for any orthosis or prosthetic. Each brace is custom-made to fit the pet’s weight and size. Please speak to our orthotics specialist before fabrication if the pet has a conformational deformity or specific diagnosis that we need to be aware of.
Not sure if a hock brace is right for your client, call us at (866) 578-2926 to speak with one of our orthotics specialists.

What materials are used to fabricate Walkin’ Pets Braces?
All Walkin’ Pets Braces are manufactured using the same materials used in the human field of orthotics and prosthetics. Each Walkin’ Pets Brace is constructed of medical-grade plastics, titanium, aluminum, touch fasteners, and carbon fiber.

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