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Professional Product Kits

Contact the Veterinary Outreach & Support department directly for pricing details for all Professional Product Kits. We carry Pro Kits for Walkin’ Wheels (all sizes), five different types of Walkin’ Pet Splints, and our Rear No-Knuckling Training Sock. Pro Kits can be customized to best suit your practice or medical facility needs. Pro Kits are specially priced to make it cost-effective for the veterinary professional to have these products on hand.

Our Veterinary Outreach & Support department is happy to discuss your needs, best options, and pricing, at your convenience. Please email or call for more information!

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Walkin’ Wheels
Professional Kit:

Walkin' Wheels Professional Kit


Veterinary practices, clinics, hospitals, and pet care facilities may keep dog wheelchairs in a variety of sizes on site for sale or for internal use. This Pro Kit can be customized to fit your practice’s needs.

Standard kit includes:
1 – B2 Mini wheelchair
1 – Small wheelchair
1 – 9” Strut x 8” Wheel Small
1 – 10” Connector for Small Wheelchair
1 – Medium Wheelchair
1 – Large Wheelchair
6 – Assorted Wheel Kits, 1 of each size

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or call direct: (866) 578-2926


Walkin’ Splint
Professional Kit:

Walkin' Splint Professional Kit


Provide stability and support for the lower limbs. Assist dogs walking with weakness or injury.

Choose 12 splints in any size/combination:
• Walkin’ Carpal Splint
• Walkin’ Bootie Splint
• Walkin’ Hock Splint
• Walkin’ Front Splint
• Walkin’ Rear Splint
Sizes: XXS • XS • S • M • L • XL

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Rear No-Knuckling
Training Sock
Professional Kit:

No-Knuckle Training Sock Professional Kit


A temporary training tool for short-term multiple usage. Helps to correct gait and to improve canine hind paw placement.

Choose 4 of any size:
• XSmall
• Small
• Medium
• Large

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