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Professional Product Kits

Contact the Veterinary Outreach & Support department directly for pricing details for all Professional Product Kits. We carry Pro Kits for Walkin’ Wheels (all sizes), five different types of Walkin’ Pet Splints, and our No-Knuckling Training Sock. Pro Kits can be customized to best suit your practice or medical facility needs. Pro Kits are specially priced to make it cost-effective for the veterinary professional to have these products on hand.

Our Veterinary Outreach & Support department is happy to discuss your needs, best options, and pricing, at your convenience. Please email or call for more information!

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Walkin’ Wheels
Professional Kit:

Walkin' Wheels Professional Kit


Veterinary practices, clinics, hospitals, and pet care facilities may keep dog wheelchairs in a variety of sizes on site for sale or for internal use. This Pro Kit can be customized to fit your practice’s needs.

Standard kit includes:
1 – B2 Mini wheelchair
1 – Small wheelchair
1 – 9” Strut x 8” Wheel Small
1 – 10” Connector for Small Wheelchair
1 – Medium Wheelchair
1 – Large Wheelchair
6 – Assorted Wheel Kits, 1 of each size

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or call direct: (866) 578-2926


Walkin’ Splint
Professional Kit:

Walkin' Splint Professional Kit


Provide stability and support for the lower limbs. Assist dogs walking with weakness or injury.

Choose 12 splints in any size/combination:
• Walkin’ Carpal Splint
• Walkin’ Bootie Splint
• Walkin’ Hock Splint
• Walkin’ Front Splint
• Walkin’ Rear Splint
Sizes: XXS • XS • S • M • L • XL

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Training Sock
Professional Kit:

No-Knuckle Training Sock Professional Kit


A temporary training tool for short-term multiple usage. Helps to correct gait and to improve canine hind paw placement.

Choose 4 of any size:
• XSmall
• Small
• Medium
• Large

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