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Slow Pet Sign
Slow Handicapped Pet Sign
Help protect your disabled dog with this bright, yellow safety sign! Alert neighbors and drivers with this dog-crossing sign to protect our pet’s safety!
Walkin' Rope & Disc Toys
Walkin’ Rope & Disc Toys
Walkin’ Rope Toys to exercise pets and have fun doing it! The Walkin’ Rope Disc is lightweight but sturdy, with plenty of rope to grab onto. The Walkin’ Rope Tug is just the right size for a good game of fetch!
Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair Wind Up Toy
Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair Wind Up Toy
Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair Wind-Up Toy is a fun way to show how paralyzed dogs can indeed walk again with a Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair! A portion of the proceeds of each wind-Up Toy sale benefits the Handicapped Pets Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that assists pet owners who are financially unable to provide mobility equipment for their pets.
2020 Walkin' Pets Calendar
2020 Walkin’ Pets Calendar
The Walkin’ Pets Calendar features 13 winning dogs who competed in the 5th annual Walkin’ Pets calendar contest and features our Walkin’ Pets Hero and Rescue of the Year winners. This calendar is sure to make you smile and inspire your days!